︎ Kristian Suvatne Augland
Apples‭, ‬Cats‭, ‬Drums and Drones
19.06 - 28.06.2020

Following the late ethnologist Michel de Certeau, we prefer to concentrate our attention on the independent use of mass culture products, a use which, like the ruses of camouflaged fish and insects, may not "overthrow the system," but which keeps us intact and autonomous within that system, which may be the best for which we can hope.... Going to Disney World to drop acid and goof on Mickey isn't revolutionary; going to Disney World in full knowledge of how ridiculous and evil it all is and still having a great innocent time, in some almost unconscious, even psychotic way, is something else altogether. This is what de Certeau describes as "the art of being in-between," and this is the only path of true freedom in today's culture. Let us, then, be in-between. Let us revel in Baywatch, Joe Camel, Wired magazine, and even glossy books about the society of spectacle [touché], but let's never succumb to the glamorous allure of these things.

Memphis' fifth exhibition was by Kristian Suvatne Augland (b. 1993). His work deals with personal values and taste in relation to objects and mass produced products. He will present a series of new paintings and sculptures. Suvatne is also co-founder of the record label Sunlab.


    Kristian Suvatne Augland: Apples‭, ‬Cats‭, ‬
    Drums and Drones
    19.06 - 28.06.2020

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