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Surefootedly Floating
04.09 - 13.09.2020

welcome to the paradise of all is lost
keep your tongue up and walk surefootedly through the past
into the waterhole of self-empowerment
(exude strength)
silent rivers run everywhere
while windy creatures and giraffe machines
pound the ground
balancing the new forgetting the old
remember nothing but velvety love and crisp despair
(absorb nectar)
count and give in
to the brain police and the divine oblivion
follow me to the isle of idle hands
hold mine as we sloth into the horizon

Memphis' sixth exhibition was by Ingeborg Tysse (b. 1992). Her work introduces a world of tactility and absurdity, characterized by sculptural gestures and pale colours. Through personal topics she explores mythology, symbolism and everyday phenomena.


    Ingeborg Tysse: Surefootedly Floating
    04.09 - 13.09.2020

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