︎ Madelen Isa Lindgren
Omega Gardens
05.08- 04.09.2022

these structures i know

are and

of to be

distant at best

we've never felt

so at home

than here

at the edge of calculus

it would be

in design and form

goodness when

the variable is the flower

the variable is the flower itself

- Ron Edward Ingalla

Omega Gardens is an exhibition that explores the possibilities of an ecological anthropological discourse and their presence in a new and erratic landscape. Through alchemy and material play the sculptures expose one of the most arcane processes that traces back to ancient times, leaving them alienated in their new habitat. Inspired by the scientist and cosmologist Carl Sagan and bio-punk, this exhibition is crawling out from an interpretation or "sense of wonder" of Ingalla´s poem and our conversations throughout the past years.

an eve to gardens

Madelen Isa Lindgren (b.1990) is educated at the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts, Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and OsloMet, and starts her Master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen this autumn. Lindgren has participated in exhibitions at K4 gallery and Fotogalleriet in Oslo (NO), Bomuldfabriken in Arendal (NO), Museum FLUXUS Berlin (DE) and Kastela art center (ATH). Lindgren is also founder of the jewellery studio, Isa.collection.

Memphis’ sixteenth exhibition, and the first at it's new location at Grønland, through

Friday June 24th, 20:00-00:00.
Afterparty at Godthåb 23:00-03:00

Open through July. Opening times coming soon.

Grønland 18, 0188 Oslo.

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