︎ L. Moon
The Secret File

«The bird creature watched in awe, and nurtured life from a distance, so as to not damage or impact it, its ways of being. Such intricate, fragile beauty, such violence and ruthlessness, a constant state of becoming, increasing, changing. Waiting, it supposed, for a point of meaningful change, for a sign.»

Galleri Memphis presented a collaboration with the publishing house Publishing Publishing Nordic (represented by Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse), who in turn presents the first novel written by lauded ghost writer L. Moon under their own name.

Celebrating the newly released detective novel «L. Moon – The Secret File», there was a pop-up bookshop and launch in the art gallery Memphis at Montebello, Oslo, with a reading from the book, a bar and live music!

The Secret File is an intriguing story about a mysterious yellow concrete building by Central Park, an elongated shape traveling through space, a series of inexplicable disappearances, dreams of birds and a gruesome murder.

We follow Special Agent Cat, Dr. Kale, the poet Bell, Lynx the medical student, Associate Executive Assistant Director Crane and Detective Light – ever deeper into the mysteries of a global conspiracy, possibly even the end of days.

L. Moon is currently busy writing their autobiography in a secret location, so they themselves will not be joining us for the launch. Our Oslo based employee Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse will do their best to present the novel to an eager Norwegian audience on behalf of both L. Moon and Publishing Publishing Nordic.

After a long career as a ghost writer, L. Moon is now publishing The Secret File under their own name. They are widely known in the industry for their extensive work in TV and cinema, and for writing hugely successful books for celebrities.

In The Secret File, L. Moon showcases their talent for writing intricate and nerve-wrecking detective novels, with an intriguing plot and unexpected twists.



    L. Moon: The Secret File

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